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Homemade Laundry detergent

I have been finding many ways to cut my spending since we are living on a one income. Here is my recipe for my laundry detergent One bar of soap(I like Irish spring),It smells wonderful. One cup of washing soap one cup borax one cup of baking soda Get a five gallon bucket,so you have plenty of room..Get a fine cheese grater,I found a nice one at the dollar store First thing you want to do is grate your soap,Then mix all the powder stuff together then add the soap.So easy,This soap last me about six months.I love the Irish spring smell:) I save a lot of money doing it this way,And it is not time consume.If you have a big Family you can double it.

Joy of eating, Not The vegetarian way

I guest in my opinion,There are a lot of different kinds of vegetarians. We have the vegetarian who eats nothing but vegetables.Then you have the ones who eat butter,eggs,etc.. For me I like my meat and fish,I could never give it up. Though I did give up red meat 5 years ago. I did go for two weeks on fruit and vegetable smoothies,and ate salad. Let me tell you I did feel wonderful,I do not think that I could do that all the time,I like my food. I do love to eat,I find there is a special added joy in eating. everything in moderation.I been hearing a lot about Good food is the celebration of life!!! Rightfully so it might be!