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inexpensive Christmas presents you can make

Wow..Halloween is over, Thanksgiving  and Christmas is approaching, I always worked on both holidays. This  year,  Will  be great!! I will be home for the entire holiday season .(by the way that leaves me with  the job of cooking ) Which is ok,  I have not done it for 17 years! LOL... on that note, I have a few Christmas projects, I am going to  share, I bought some coffee mugs at a thrift store, I also got some candy,hot chocolate, candy canes,(little ones) and the small bottles of baileys liquor. I am going to combine all the items in the cup!I also bought some wrapping paper, bows, ties at the dollar store.( which by the way is my favorite  store now!!) After everything was bought, Each cup cost under 5 dollars

to make!

Tired and frustrated of not open can lids!

I was not going make my blog about my disease, Though it is so hard for me to open coffee cans or any other lids for that  matter.I  was excited  to find this,I had found these round plastic containers at the dollar store,It so easy and simply to open! I had to share it with all of my RA readers.

first time blogging!

Hi .my name is Rachel,This is my first blog,I was (am) scared not being good at it! I got the inspiration from my daughter who started her own website. Lets take the journey together!